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Welcome to where your vision and your moxie mix to create your next perfect pair of glasses. Every step of the On Your Face Glasses process is designed with you in mind.


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Taking our Find Your Fit Quiz is your first line of style fire. From face shape and skin tone to those certain special traits that make you boldly and brilliantly you, your answers introduce us to the person behind the glasses. Then we serve up a selection of frames to match. The multiple choice quiz only takes a few minutes, and it’s always fun to talk about yourself, right? You can review our suggestions, save your top picks and browse all frames to expand your search.
Get Styled
Once you have some favorites (or if you need a little extra advice choosing), you can schedule a free live video consultation with one of our expert eyewear stylists. In real time, we will help narrow down to your top three frames to try at home. This unmatched personal attention ensures that you’ll find a look that works for your face, your lifestyle and your unique spirit.
Try 3 Frames
at Home

Here’s where the you-focused fun gets juicy. A one-time $149 Spec-tacular Consulting fee gets you the frames delivered to your doorstep, plus real-time, candid, expert video consulting to evaluate together how they fit you—your face, your head, and your deepest-down essence. Fall in love? Fab! Not so much? We’ll send more that fulfill the criteria our review reveals, and video-meet again till you find the one, or wardrobe, for you.

Enjoy a full seven days to try the frames at home. Post pics and get your trusted tribe’s votes. Pick your own faves. Shipping both ways is free.

Place Your Order
Send all three frames back to us and place your order. Our online shopping cart makes it easy to select your frame, choose the right lenses and submit your prescription details.

You can upload your current prescription at checkout, or email a copy to us. You will also need to provide your pupil distance and (only for progressive or high-index lenses) pupil height. Detailed instructions for obtaining these measurements are available here as well as in the checkout process.

Love Your Look
Wait by the mailbox (not literally, but we bet you’ll be pretty excited) for your final pair of glasses to arrive. Then step out, show up and do your thing with your personal style on full display.

You know you.
We know our wide selection of face-the-world frames.
Let’s do this.

Options, options, and more options

Frame Designs

Our large—and ever-changing—assortment of frames includes colorful, full-rimmed designs, each with a twist. Some are classic yet reimagined, others fresh and innovative.

Lens Designs
We offer single-vision lenses (one prescription) or progressive lenses (see far away, up close and in between through a pair of lenses that changes prescriptions from top to bottom). Progressives are like bifocals or trifocals, but without the disorienting lines.
Lens Treatments
Sunglasses? Yes. Polarized to reduce glare? You bet. Transitions too, which darken in daylight and return to clear indoors. Plus, all lenses include an anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating and 100% UV protection, no extra charge, to keep your eyes safe.
Lens Materials

Choose between polycarbonate (lightweight and shatter-resistant) and high-index (best for strong prescriptions) lens material.

Returns & Exchanges

Your best eyesight and complete satisfaction are our business. That’s why we accept returns for exchange or refund within 30 calendar days of final product delivery.

“When can you ever get a mom and her teenage daughters to agree? When you shop with On Your Face Glasses! All three of us found the perfect frames and had a lot of laughs. We constantly get compliments on our glasses.”
Pam P.
“On Your Face Glasses made the overwhelming process of selecting a frame easy and fun. I wound up with a bold turquoise frame that looks and feels terrific, and people compliment me everywhere I go.”
Nancy S.

You do the clicking.
We'll do the fitting.

You’re more than just a pair of eyes, and your glasses are one of the first things people see. This quick quiz helps us help you find frames that will make the right first impression (and leave a great lasting one, too).

Ready. Set. Let's get started


Take Your Skin Temp

What’s your skin tone? Choose one.


Time to Shape Up

What shape is your face? Choose one.


When the Going Gets Tough

Have you had difficulty finding frames that fit your face? Choose one.

How, specifically, do frames not fit?
Choose all that apply.


Getting To Nose You

How do you feel about nose pads?

I like them. They help keep my frames from sliding down my nose.
I don’t prefer them.
They’re uncomfortable and/or my hair gets tangled in them.
It doesn’t matter to me.

A Progressive Perspective

Are you interested in progressive lenses?

It doesn’t matter to me.

The Mind Behind The Look

Who are you, or who do you want to be in your new glasses? Choose up to six.